Taking sedimentary rocks and adding a mixture of extreme heat, pressure and new minerals forms metamorphic rock. The change may result in a new vein, texture or color.

Marble –
A re-crystallized limestone that formed when the limestone softened from heat and pressure and re-crystallized into marble where mineral changes occurred. The main consistency is calcium and dolomite. Ranges in many colors and is usually heavily veined and shows lots of grains. Hardness rates from 2.5 to 5 on the MOH Scale.

Marble is classified into three categories: (Stone World)

1. Dolomite: If it has more than 40% magnesium carbonate.

2. Magnesium: If it has between 5% and 40% magnesium carbonate.

3. Calcite: If it has less than 5% magnesium carbonate.

Marble is a highly decorative stone, common uses are fireplace surrounds, bathtub surrounds, vanity tops, table tops and bases, floors, wall panels and architectural elements. Please click on our galleries to see only some of the marbles we carry and come visit our company in New Jersey to see more.